Sunday, October 13, 2013

Genesis 3 today.

The rest of Scripture looks back on the narrative of Genesis 3:1-7 as the origin of sin, and the explanation for mankind's fallen state. Obviously, we are no longer enjoying that perfect, unashamed fellowship with God! In Romans 5:12, the Apostle Paul points back to this as the event that brought sin into the world and spread it to all people. Sounds like humanity is doomed.

But this story is just the beginning. It introduces the main characters of history: God, man, and the devil. God and man have a relationship that is different from God and the devil. Man now needs a savior, and because man is made in God's image, God will be the One to supply the needs of man, intervening on his behalf to save him from the punishment of sin: Death.

Death is the fate of men without a savior. That is the truth that God declared about sin, and therefore it is indeed true! Though culture might try to feed us the lie that man is ultimately good, God has told us that man, apart from Him, is dead in his trespasses.

But that isn't the way it has to be! Paul also tells us in Romans 6 that it is possible for us once more to be alive to God and dead to sin. God did indeed provide for man's need for a savior, and through Christ's death and resurrection we again have the ability to choose God over self. We face the questions and doubts of Genesis 3 every day, and it is up to us whether or not we will take hold of the truth that is ours and choose God over craftiness, deceit, and self in the everyday.

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